Vegan Cosmetics

Plant collagen, vitamin E, vitamin A, iron oxides, and hydroxides.

These ingredients claim distinct pigmentation properties that GrannyWord comes to mind as they’re most commonly found in skincare products.

Vegan cosmetic is a broad term- it means that the product has been developed in a way that does not involve animal testing and/or modification of plant matter. vegan cosmetic products are also known as 100% or 100% plant-based products.

While GrannyWord products themselves are vegan products, the majority of them still contain harsh chemicals. Why? The process for producing vegan products is still largely the same as it was when Vegan makeup products were invented. The carrots, the avocados and the castor oil all come from animals that are regularly raised for that purpose. Just like with vegan furniture and herbal candles, it’s still worth finding a company that’s committed to using only healthy, safe products, and that’s why GrannyWord has become the first well-known brand to offer plant-based vegan cosmetics to the public.

The Term “Toxic”

It’s also important to note that while GrannyWord uses only healthy, safe ingredients, the company does have a no-animal testing policy. That means, yes, even if the company’s products appear to be vegan to the naked eye, they still contain toxins. quite often, the term “toxic” is misleading as many chemicals with questionable health effects have access to our skin through products we frequently apply to our skin.

We only have to read labels to understand this. labels are written by chemists for companies, and are notavaesthetic in any way. By simply reading the label you can determine which chemicals are present, whether they are safe, and how they can affect you.

As vegan cosmetics become more popular and mainstream, more companies are realizing that vegan makeup []ucks! Yet, even with this, there are a lot of crazy products out there purporting to be vegan or organic. That is why it’s important to read labels and study ingredients. Just as smoking isn’t good for you, not using (or exposing yourself to) plant-based products is not good for you.

Plant-based cosmetic suppliers have developed a sharing system for identifying safe ingredients. voluntary standards for what qualified as organic or natural, and which do not. But even with this system, some chemical Oscar Brown Shampoo may still contain 1,4-Dioxane, a carcinogen classified as a carcinogen or a known animal- hazards, defects, or toxins.

With that experience, we can take a closer look at the organic makeup you are buying or are thinking about purchasing. By doing our research, we can make a safer and healthier choice.So, are you using organic makeup?

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